HBAofENM recommends its members to customers, but there are other resources to check on the credentials of the contractor, plumber, electrician, landscaper or handyman that you are considering working with on your home project.

You can verify that your contractor is licensed through the NM Construction Industries Division. Search by the business name or owner name and verify that they are licensed and have no code infractions HERE.

The CID office also will investigate complaints against contractors in the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Manufactured Housing Install/Set-Up Complaints
  • Manufactured Housing Deposit Complaints
  • Manufactured Housing Dealers, Sales & Brokers
  • Manufactured Housing Repair Complaints
  • Violation of NM State Building Code
  • Failure to Permit
  • Failure to Inspect
  • Unlicensed Activity
  • Aiding and Abetting Unlicensed Activity
  • Working without Journeyman Certification (CID only)
  • Working beyond the scope of a contractor’s license
  • Judgments (Division will review for Jurisdiction)
  • Red Tagged Work


They will not investigate the following (full list available HERE):

  • Contractual or Financial Disputes
  • Manufactured Housing transportation
  • Code violations will be deemed actionable only if they are violations of the State adopted codes.
  • The code bond disbursements will be limited to complaints received within two years of the completion of construction.
  • If you are filing a complaint regarding a suspected state code violation please note that any repairs performed by another contractor will result in the closing of this case.  Inspectors must be able to visibly inspect violations and photographs will not be accepted for inspection services

If you are unable to resolve a code or license issue with a contractor, complaints against contractors can be made HERE.

Most complaints we receive are related to communication between the customer and contractor, or cosmetic finishing of a project. These issues are not code violations and there is not place to file a complaint of this type.

We recommend that contractors and customers have a mutually acceptable checklist of project details and that a final punch list is completed and signed off by both parties to complete a project. Please keep in mind that these lists illustrate ideals and that there is no such thing as a perfect house – even a new build! Here are some examples of these type of documents:

Total Home Inspection Checklist

Owner Builder Punch List Article

Patch.Com Checklist for New Construction

Building Advisor Final Punch List (a comprehensive list is about halfway through the article.)